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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Ultra Isolation Transformer for AV show

Greetings everyone. 

Hope everyone is safe and sound. We all have been through hell, from Alpha to Delta, and now the almighty Omicron. We will get through this together! We'd like to dedicate this song to everyone! 

We have a little story to share today actually. A friend / customer went to an AV show some time ago. He was amazed on a setup in a room. The sound was very clean, pure, relaxed, effortless, and less distressed as compared to other setup he listened to. He went around busy-bodying and found a little secret gadget hidden behind the scene. 

Guess what...? We're delighted to see that it is actually none other than our Ultra Isolation Transformer, connected to their front end electronics. Unfortunately, we cannot share the pictures of the setup, nor the name of the room and details, as he couldn't get the authorization from the setup owner. 

Nevertheless, there is no copyright in sharing news, and here we are. 

For additional details, 2 units were used, 1 with single Ultra Isolation Transformer inside, the other with 2 Ultra Isolation Transformer inside. The one with single transformer is used for the tube amplifier. The one with 2 Ultra Isolation Transformer inside was for the front end gears - CDP and digital player, cascaded for absolute performance for noisy environment. 

Usually one Ultra Isolation Transformer is enough for home environment. Cascading may make the sound too "dead", but if the incoming mains are just too dirty, such as in AV shows, or condos, then, perhaps this would be a good solution. 

We have a variation of this connection, which is to do as below, where user can try both double-isolation and single isolation. 

Or even this below if one has skills to do the switching correctly, or with qualified DIY skills.

P/S: Not everyone knows our blog. Information is there for those that do their homework. One that reads, follows and employs this tactic, will have an edge over the others. I guess that's how it works in stock trading too. Take action now! 

Till then, everyone take care! 

Time to get some rest. We've just been too busy lately. 

J&K Audio Design

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