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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Audiophile Toroid Transformer

Good day folks.

Our Toroidal transformer is excellent, but is still not as good as the EI transformer counterpart. We still like to use EI transformer for most of our audio applications but sometimes Toroid / Toroidal transformer is still needed for high power applications or for equipment with limited real-estate, and requires smaller transformer to be used. 

We have been researching on this for quite some time and we have finally found several parameters to improve on the Toroidal transformer performance. These brings the Toroid / Toroidal transformer closer to the EI transformer, not 100%, but close enough! 

1. Usage of higher grade 0.23mm lamination thickness Toroid / Toroidal core
2. Usage of grain oriented silicon (Hi-B)
3. Laser welded full strip of silicon steel from a full roll to ensure no air-gap present
4. Special formula of Nitrogen / Hydrogen during silicon steel cooling process to improve magnet properties 
5. Double shielding technique, 50 (non-potted) and 95% (potted) reduction in magnetic interference

Results? Toroid / Toroidal transformer that works substantially quieter, and sounds absolutely HIFI. 

Try it now! 

J&K Audio Deign

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