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Monday, August 30, 2021

J&K Balanced Ultra Isolation Transformer

J&K Ultra Isolation Transformer measured! 

If you are looking for an isolation transformer, look no further. We are one of the very best isolation transformer producer in the world. 

Below is one of a more unique Ultra Isolation Transformer we produced recently. What is Ultra Isolation Transformer? Read here ->  

Again, we have 3 grades:

  1. Level 1    - standard isolation transformer
  2. Level 2    - advance isolation transformer
  3. Level 2.5 - near ultra grade isolation transformer 
  4. Level 3    - ultra isolation transformer
Level 3 must be potted for us to fully utilize the isolation technology we have. For those that does not have the real estate to house these beauties, Level 2 is the raw unpotted version in metal frame but with as much Level 3 ultra isolation transformer technologies as possible. 

Below is a step-down double barrel shotgun Level 3 Isolation Transformer that a customer ordered. 

  • Specified input: 0-220V-230V (230V tap is used below)
  • Specified out: 110V-0-110V (balanced power) 
  • Dual unit of isolation transformers in a single chassis with 2 totally isolated outputs 
The voltage shown is on the high side as the input mains at my area is on average 246Vac. 

J&K Balanced Ultra Isolation Transformer

Dual ultra isolation transformer in a single chassis

Simple EMI tester 

Measured input noise level - long yellow bar, 376mV AC noise

Measured output #1, 0 yellow bar, 8x lower AC 38mV noise

Measured output #2, 0 yellow bar, 8x lower AC 45mV noise

J&K Ultra Isolation Transformer Test

Check out the video taken when we measure the unit. The audible AC noise can be heard, and you can see the significant reduction from input to output. Imagine how much improvement it can bring to your audio setup!

Posted by Ken Loo on Sunday, August 29, 2021
Till then, take care and stay safe!  

J&K Audio Design


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