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Friday, April 30, 2021

Ultra Isolation Transformer Upgrades - Ubiquitous Ground Technology

It has been quite some time since we update everyone on our J&K ultra isolation transformers. It has become better, and better, and better! We may be quiet on all fronts (FB, blogger) but we are still very active in the background. On top of our custom audio transformers, one of the other bestsellers is our J&K ultra isolation transformers that have received countless recommendations and praises.

On second half 2021, we are rolling out new grounding design for our J&K ultra isolation transformer. We call it Ubiquitous Ground Technology. Ubiquitous Ground Technology further removes or reduces the noise at the output and ground with a unique winding winding and grounding method. The noise immunity of the already super quiet output of J&K Isolation Transformer is further enhanced to an ultra low level. 

Some of our users prior to this announcement have been enjoying them since we've incorporated them in some of our recent products, free of charge. With the Ubiquitous Ground Technology being finalized and matured, we are proudly introducing it now! You can now specify to add this to your ultra isolation transformer orders. It comes with a small fee but it is definitely worth it. 

On the other hand, we would like to take this opportunity to mention the option for our J&K Ultra Isolation Transformers that we did not mention in the past - ultra low impedance transformer design. This is suitable for users in area prone to surges and spikes in their power line. It is more for protection than sound - for safeguarding and protection mostly. We usually do not offer it since it is not a small cost adder. Ask is if you prefer to have it in your order. 

P/S (important): just a note, customers have always asked us to oversize the transformers to provide more headroom. Oversizing is not bad, just that it sometimes creates other problems such as over-voltage when unloaded and also higher inrush current. So, when you order, in case we forgot to ask (apologies - we're just too busy with orders and manufacturing honestly) please indicate the actual usage so that we can adjust the winding ratio to give you more accurate desired output voltage since unloaded/lightly loaded transformers may yield higher output voltage.

Due to manufacturing being overloaded with OEM orders and everyone in J&K being overloaded, we're increasing our lead time to 4-8 weeks for custom orders, depending on design, quantity ordered, and the load at manufacturing line. 

Please plan and order early if you are in a rush. Do not order from us if you cannot wait. We do not want complications arising for long lead time - we do not want that either but it is just life. We are hiring additional technicians but it takes time to train them up PROPERLY before they can be deployed to the production line. 

We noticed that some commercial companies have been copying our design ideas from our blog posts. Shame on your but we treat it as compliment and acknowledgement to our advancement in isolation transformer technology. 

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