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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Different types of Hi-B cores

It has been a while! We're still alive but have been busy with various industrial or corporate projects than consumer sales. 

Why do we always promote Hi-B? Hi-B has lower core loss, lower exciting current, and noise. This enables transformers with higher efficiency (smaller size), and larger capacity per same volume (compact). Hi-B also have lower hysterisis loss + better magnetizing characteristics + lower eddy current loss compared to ordinary GOSS. This in return, results a lower noise and better efficiency transformers. On top of that, the Hi-B that we chose employs special glass-film and phosphate coating to improve interlaminar insulation and better handling of tensile stress in the rolling direction. These are not BS but can be proven in the electrical characteristics of the cores. 

So, GOSS cores, stand aside. And non-GOSS cores, stand even further way please (pun intended)! 

Nah, we all know this, why do you bring this up again? Well, we want to let you know this as some often are confused what core we use in our products versus the others, and what our different grades of materials means to the quality and price. Here goes nothing:

0) Non-GOSS - nuh, we don't really want to use this unless budget is really a concern. This is your standard offerings you get from others - go get from them! 

1) Standard GOSS - the standard grain oriented silicon steel, which is widely used in signal or output transformers, or high efficiency power transformers. We likey. Our standard offering in Level-1 and Level-2 products. 

2) Hi-B - improved over GOSS, with higher degree of crystal orientation than GOSS. It offers higher permeability and lower iron loss. Widely employed in our Level-2 and Level-3 products. 

3) Super Hi-B - improved Hi-B, with laser beam irradiation on the surface to refine the magnetic domain, as some have ordered from us in the past, named widely as SHIB cores. It is a grade above Hi-B. It has even lower loss and lower magneto-restriction. 

4) Ultra Hi-B (new, well, not really new but just not mentioned in our blog) - now this is the ultimate, for now, before alien technology comes in. This adds more post-processing to the core where the surface (facial treatment!) are further treated, magnetic domain-refining, for those experts readers. 

Just for fun, take a look at the properties below: 

We did not list out all as there are just too many, and the properties improve from lower grades to higher grade version - you get what we mean, right? 

Note: non-GOSS are added just for fun and comparison. El-cheapo's - don't bother asking us to make it for you unless you can order 100 sets or more of the non-GOSS variants. :p 

As how the world operations, higher quality cores have more limited ranges and therefore not all applications can use the higher grade cores. We shall decide per the application how to best suit the desired use. 

Till then. You guys take care. We need to go back to submarining to focus on churning out more irons. 

J&K Audio Design


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