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Monday, June 22, 2020

Output transformer preamp transformer

Thanks to one of our great and frequent customer, this article is born.

Before we start our lecture, take a look at this picture below of Tamura A-4714 signal transformer. Do you see any peculiarity about this Tamura A-4714 signal transformer? 

Sorry, right guess does not win any prizes here. LOL! 

Yes, it is an output transformer. Yes, it is a pre-out / pre-amp output transformer. What? Two types in one? Yes, two in one! 

Based on the limited information available, it is a signal transformer with primary of 5K that is capable of ~50mA of DC current, and a mixed secondary of 150 Ohm + 150 Ohm + 6 Ohm.  
  1. Application 1 - use it as a power amplifier output transformer capable of ~3W output.
  2. Application 2 - use it as a pre-amp output transformer with either 150 Ohm (secondaries in parallel) or 600 Ohm (secondaries in series) output impedance.
  3. Application 3 - use the additional tap as a feedback tap to reduce distortion, as seen in some innovative designs in very old designs. It may be present in modern designs but I rarely see one. 
  4. Application 4 - use both! 
How to design the circuit - hmm... maybe next time. There are plenty of sample circuits online. If you buy one from us, maybe I shall consider spending more time to teach you how to do so. 

Now this sort of signal transformer is kind of fun, right? If you're undecided if your tube is going to be used in either applications, order this transformer! You can decide later and still have the right transformer to use - now ain't that cool! 

Of course, buyers be warned - universal design is a compromise. A dedicated transformer will be better, minimalist, as we always preach. For the fun of it, I see why not. Also, the user said it is one of the good transformers he owns. So, I believe, we can do better than that! Challenge accepted! 

Good old used or NOS Tamura A-4714 could still be found occasionally in eB*y or all sorts of online sellers out there. If the A-4714 fits what you need, perfect. If you need something that is out of ordinary, custom made, then you know who to look for - J&K Audio Design! We can make it to any primary and secondary taps that you need. So far I've not seen new ones being made - I may be right for now, and wrong later. You can check Tamura website and see if it is there. 

The sky is the limit! Seriously. We can use almost ALL sorts of cores available in the world. And we have 3 types of magnet wires to choose from - ordinary John Doe OFC, to exotic OCC Copper and OCC Silver cable wounded output transformers. Oh ya, any voltage (as high as your dare) and any DC current for the primary too (1A? No issue, been there, done that!). 

So, for those under-decisive souls out there, your savior is here!

Do I have an actual picture of it? Nuh... it looks the same like every output transformers out there - bare naked or potted. They all looked the same. You want special casing? Hmm... maybe we can do so now - since we've found a LOVELY LOCAL vendor here. He's a bit busy though - so expect longer lead time if you need a fancy output transformer case. 

Meanwhile, take care and stay away from being infected with COVID-19. Stay safe at home. DIY more audio amplifiers. Buy more transformers from us!

J&K Audio Design

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