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Sunday, November 24, 2019

J&K custom services

What does J&K have in store? Some may ask. Our blog touches too many things.

Well, let us tell you now in a very brief way. The best answer, is still to email us what you need, and we shall see if we can satisfy your needs, or solve your problems. 

J&K main services 

1. Transformers (custom made) of all sorts - power transformers, chokes, isolation transformers, input transformers, output transformers, interstage transformers, speaker crossover / attenuator, solid state output transformers, headphone transformers, and etc. 

Materials we have now: OFC, OCC Cu, and OCC Ag (silver); single and triple insulated magnet wires; various types of insulation materials for different purposes, and etc. 

2. Transformer repair / rewinding / rebuilding - we can repair almost all types of transformers, such as power transformers, input transformers, output transformers, interstage transformers, special transformers and etc. All except SMPS high frequency switching transformers. We had repaired or rebuilt tonnes of vintage and modern transformers from famous brands, such as AN-JP and AN-UK, Western Electri*, McIntos*, Peerles*, Alte*, Marant*, Jadi*, Dynac*, you name it, we have almost repaired it. 

*** Thanks to J&K Services #2, we've learnt so much from reverse engineering those vintage and famous transformers for repair purposes. If you need your J&K transformers to mimic certain vintage and famous transformers, we can do so too. We'd prefer our own house sound if you build from now, but if you need to restore vintage amplifiers, we would recommend to follow their way to preserve the house sound, or brand sound. *** 

J&K side lines 

3. Equipment repair services / modifications / upgrades.

4. Fully built audio gears, such as integrated amplifiers,pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers, isolation transformer, balance power isolation transformer, audio gadgets or audio modules, active crossover, DC blocker, noise filter, ground conditioner and such.

5. Special projects - email J&K and tell us what you need, or what's troubling you, and we can custom the solutions for you, or refer you to our partners to sort out your problems if we cannot do so. We've built such a wide network of friends, customers and partners along the way in this line. 

We pride J&K / ourselves to provide top rate quality products and services. Therefore, please excuse or please forgive us if it takes some time to get your project(s) finished. We tried not to increase our staff abruptly just to get more businesses (been there, done that, and suffered due to such) as good quality staff are had to find and train up. 

If you need an item done urgently, J&K would recommend you to please plan it far ahead to avoid rushed work. 

Thank you all again for your businesses along these years! 

P/S: you may find that we're slow on the blogging as time is really short on our hands. We do have very occasional posts in our Facebook page on the projects on hand. So, please visit our FB page more frequently!

Till then, take care and enjoy being alive! 

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