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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Power Transformer Price List

Level  2 & level 3 Power Transformer Price List

  • EI power transformers - Z0 and Z11 cores (level 2)
  • "SHiB" - Super Hi-B Double C core (level 3) 
  • Level 0 and level 1 - please email

  • Multiple electrostatic shields
  • Using the best quality materials - imported OFC wires, insulation, bobbin, and etc
  • Multiple mains possible 100Vac - 240Vac
  • Balanced / bi-filial winding for center-tapped taps (not for ultra high voltage)
  • Regulation ~5%, low temperature, low noise, high efficiency design 
  • Secondary taps - user defined (up to 6 sets, depending on core size) 
  • Power transformers - can be configured and used as isolation transformers
  • Designed for 24/7 operation 
  • Other sizes / VA - please email us for availability or customization
  • Potting - standard colors only. Other colors with extra charge - ask us for details

Level 1 Power Transformer Price List (unlisted - POA) 

  • EI Z11 (0.35mm 35JG155), EI Z10 (0.27mm 27JG120, 27JG130), EI Z9 (0.23mm 23JGSD085(laser stripe), 23JGH095) 
  • Better accuracy and quality than Level 0
  • Potting available at extra charge - depends on size (up to EI 114) - potted with high grade potting compound (high strength, high temp, corrosion resistant, high insulation strength, high heat dissipation), with nickel plated copper turrets 
  • Dupont Nomex T410 teflon film for high voltage transformers

Level 0 Power Transformer Price List
  • H15 0.35mm lamination 
  • Best bang or the buck 
  • Machine wind, high temperature bobbin, vacuum impregnation, oven backed 
  • Hipot tested and outputs verified

General notes / tips

  • Users should keep 10-20% VA unused from total core VA for lower operating temperature and stability - 75% will be ideal. 
  • Higher number of secondary taps will lower efficiency.
  • Mixture of high and low voltage, or high and low current will lower efficiency.
  • Please provide clear schematic if you are unsure of what to order.
  • Separate the B+ transformers and DC filament transformers into 2 transformers for lowest noise. High current bridge or solid state diodes for DC rectification generates A LOT of noise.
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