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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Western Electric Cables

*** We no longer carry Western Electric Cables. Please visit Audiobits HIFI for WE Cables. ***

Western Electric

Mind you, cable works, and it works especially well if your system is up to a certain level. I used to disqualify cables but now it is one of the useful tools to tweak the system to where you want. 

Here, we would like to introduce you to the world of Western Electric by starting with the cables. For advance users, they can go for Western Electric amplifiers, WE transformers, WE chokes, WE output transformers, WE capacitors and etc. There are endless ways to play with Western Electric components!
First ever Western Electric Interconnect (obsolete)
Western Electric Interconnect MKI
Western Electric Interconnect MKI
Western Electric Interconnect MKI

Western Electric Interconnect MKI
Western Electric Speaker Cable
Western Electric Speaker Cable
Western Electric Speaker Cable
Western Electric Interconnect MKII
Western Electric Power Cord MKII
Western Electric Power Cord MKII
Western Electric Power Cord MKII
The Western Electric interconnect is made of Western Electric 50’s 0.62mm diameter copper cable. Every interconnect cable uses four 0.62m copper cable twisted together, 2 for positive, 2 for negative. Then, a layer of copper braid enclosed the cable before the mesh protector is applied. Shielding property of this interconnect is very good. Imposing a power cable on the interconnect shows no audible noise at all.

The character of this cable should be categorized as – thick, warm, extended bass, fluid; good for thin & dry sounding systems. It is definitely worth trying with such a price to get the legendary Western Electric sound into your HIFI setup. 

WE interconnect MKI 1.8M        USD$99/pair
WE interconnect MKII 1.0M       USD$79/pair
WE interconnect MKII 1.5M       USD$99/pair
WE speaker cable 3M pair         USD$199/pair
WE digital coaxial (RCA) cable USD$129/pc
WE power cord (2M) US style   USD$129/pc  

User comments:

Just received the power cable along with the RCA and digital interconnects. Plugged everything into my CD transport and DAC and popped in the CD to make sure everything was working.

Initial impressions are that some burning in is required but bass seems a bit more solid and the soundstage also seems more defined with better separation.

Not sure which cable was responsible for all of part of the above and will experiment further.

First of all: quiets are much more quiet, great detail, very, very musical and a lot more detail. It has replaced a R*** A****** K***** Classic. Very pleased with the build quality and components used.

Hm... not bad. Very dynamic and transient. Eager for after run-in... Went for a marathon run-in...Holy cow! What a cable...! Worth every cent of it...and much more. Now I'm unable to unhook the cable...Love it, man! Check it out for yourself and discover...

i've been using a pair of your western electric interconnects hooked up to a pair of stax headphones thro a cd player, and dac.... sounds marvellous. Clear and clean sound, wonderful sound stage. Replacing them with K****** KC*G, which is a thousand usd, i had a hard time finding any significant change except that your cable sounds more dynamic. And it's still breaking in !

The interconnects that i have experience using in the various systems at my place (both with my magnaplanar MMG set up as well as seperate headphone based system with stax headphones) are K***** KC*G, X***** cabon, D* labs silver sonic, and Analys*s plus oval one.

The mkII that i am using is astonishing for the price. I wanted to splash out about 1K for interconnects for my stax set up but am glad that at the last moment i decided to try the cables, and am so glad i did. They are extremely musical, a joy to listen to. Won't be spending silly money on interconnects anymore. Very Happy

Want to try the digital cable next, hopefully can get after Raya! Right now i'm using a different brand for the digital cable, and am hoping the synergy of using same make cables in the whole system would pay off. will keep you posted.


I let the interconnects burn in for the past few weeks, and the sound is so much better.

This evening i took out my K***** KC*G and compared the sound... shocked. The timing of the two cables is so apparently different. And the one that does a better job of timing and pace and rhythm is the WE cable. I can't go back to the k******... today i found out that emotion in music is absolutely dependant on timing. one cable is competent but leaves me cold(KC*G). The other cable is causing me to have goosebumps and to get up and dance, well, dance as much i can with a Stax headphones on my head. The difference is due to timing. You can actually hear that both cables have different timing, it's so clear! the rhythm is presented so clearly with the WE  cable. I don't have to struggle to follow the flow of the musical story as it unfolds, as it just comes shining thro. Listening to 'Throwing Copper' by Live. Man what a ride! I cannot believe that one cable is close to a thousand greenbacks (give or take, for a meter pair) and the other is *****. Just goes to show you don't have to spend crazy money to get crazy good sound.
I am very sensitive to upper frequency exaggerations and sibilance, and as far as i can tell there is no difference between the two in this regard. Bass in the WE  is full and excellent. As is the soundstage as presented by my headphones.
I am astonished to have this amount of excellent sound qualities in a cable of this price and consider this to be one of my best hifi purchases in terms of value for money.
The digital cable is still cooking/burning in.
Just sharing my 'mini-review'. Hope it helps someone make better interconnect purchases.

Too many to list... :)

J&K Audio Design


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