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Friday, October 17, 2014

Nanocrystalline C Cores

There has been several queries on asking us to supply Hitachi Finemet® Nanocrystalline C cores based transformers. We've checked with several vendors of such and find it quite difficult to source it to our factory for testing and production.

Hitachi Finemet® Nanocrystalline C cores has been considered as THE finest material for transformer making and is highly regarded by audiophiles in Japan. We believe that some of the Japanese manufacturers have already started producing Hitachi Finemet® Nano transformers.

We, can't loose out of course! We turn to our usual transformer cores supplier and asked them for help. "We need nanocrystalline C cores for our customers!", we cried, and we need it fast! Fortunately, our call for help is answered, and we are offered an equivalent alternative. This nanocrystalline C cores have ultra excellent magnetic properties to be made as audio transformers!

In general, the nanocrystalline structure is achieved by cooling down the metal so rapidly from the liquid state that the alloy grains formed with this ultra rapid cooling process are extremely small and similar in share and sizes, in nanometer range, and therefore the name is called so.

We are proudly announcing that we are accepting orders now for nanocrystalline C cores based audio transformers! This nanocrystalline C Cores based transformers will be priced similarly as the Amorphous C cores (for a limited period only) that we have been offering for quite some time but has far much superior properties or sound if compared! (We were tempted to price this nanocrystalline C Cores transformers to be more expensive than the current Level 3 Amorphous cores now due to the substantial increase in performance, to be honest.)

To reduce inventory and complexity of our product line, we are phasing out the Amorphous C cores line, replacing it with this nanocrystalline C cores line too.

J&K Audio Design

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Shipment Delays

We're experiencing some shipment delays on some of our transformers deliveries due to raw materials shortage. It does not help either where the newly ordered raw materials are stuck at PRC waiting for papers from Hong Kong to approve them to be transported to their port where there are massive delays due to the recent strike at Hong Kong.

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences caused on your shipment delays. We are closely following up with the deliveries of the materials to complete your order. If you are experience delays in your order delivery, please bare with us and wait for a while. We expect the issue will be resolved in ~1 week's time.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

J&K Audio Design Team

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

J&K is back!

Hi guys,

We're back in business after the short break. We are working on the backlog and trying to complete and ship out all existing orders ASAP.

Thank you for your patience (highly appreciated!). 

We have a bad news though - price will be going up by 5-10% 1st January 2015 due to rising materials and operating cost, thanks to our beloved "gahment".

J&K Audio Design Team

Monday, September 29, 2014

J&K is taking time-off for a week

J&K sales team will be taking time-off for 1 week from 1st October to 7th October.

General orders placed before 1st October will still be manufactured. Custom orders or difficult projects will be put on hold. All shipment can only be made on 8th October and onwards. There's no email or orders processing on this period of time too.

We will respond to your queries and emails as soon as we get back. Any inconveniences caused is very regretted.

J&K Audio Design

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tannoy Crossover Autoformer

For those playing with vintage Tannoy Dual Concentric Drivers, they know that the original crossover is crucial to the outcome. Some went for DIY path but the tricky part is the Tannoy original autoformer / multitap choke in the crossover. One cannot simply just replace the Tannoy original autoformer with a choke since it is not as simple as choosing just a choke with a specific inductance.

There is EQ in the crossover to match the response of the tweeter that making it a simple crossover just wasn't possible. Having multiple chokes to mimic the original Tannoy autoformer was not possible too as it is not equal to the same thing. 

Therefore, the original crossover is selling like hot cake in eBay. Plenty of theories float in the internet on designing the right crossover for the vintage Tannoy Dual Concentric Driver. One can find dozens of design on the internet but one will question themselves whether they are correct or not, or are just simply junk data.

I'm a Tannoy-phile myself and I have a pair of Tannoy HPD385 without the original crossover. I went for active crossover, customized active crossover, and both didn't sound right to me. Only after I got the original crossover (that cost me quite a bit!), it started to sound like the originals.

For those that are not as lucky as me to get their hands on the original crossover, now this is a good news for you. An audiophile has approached us and asked for a remake of the vintage Tannoy autoformer. A few weeks after that, the modern Tannoy autoformer is born.

Below are the results:

Tannoy Autoformer Potted
This pair is made with 80 Watt Z11 EI core, with silver plated OFC. The potted case provides shielding and vibration damping especially if it is going to be used in a speaker enclosure. This enables audiophiles to build their own vintage Tannoy Dual Concentric crossovers themselves.

For those that do not have the original Tannoy crossover, they can use this. For those lucky ones that have the original, they can consider making another upgraded version with all the audiophile parts like Dueland or Mundorf capacitors, branded resistors and 5N-7N oxygen free copper with this clone Tannoy autoformer without sacrificing the parts from original Tannoy crossover.

They can compare to see if the brand new is better than the originals where some has complained that the original are made with budget in mind, as it is a commercial product made many, many years ago. Now isn't that fun?

J&K Audio Design
25 September 2014