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Monday, October 27, 2014

Shipment Delays

The reason is being known - the whole 1 particular shipment, a combination of various items from various customers of the forwarder, were on hold for inspection by HK customs. No explanations were released by the authority on why it is being hold for inspection. We can only wait.

For the rest of shipments, they're clear to go and we've received the subsequent shipments that were shipped after that shipment. Therefore, our orders and shipments resume!

For the only customer that is affected by the on hold shipment, we express our deepest apologies for holding your shipment for so long.

Our raw materials are still being stuck at Hong Kong port. We still have no idea when it could be cleared - 10 days is has been!!! We apologize for the delay caused on the shipments that are affected. We are trying our best to follow up with the forwarder to have our shipment released.

We're experiencing some shipment delays on some of our transformers deliveries due to raw materials shortage. It does not help either where the newly ordered raw materials are stuck at PRC waiting for papers from Hong Kong to approve them to be transported to their port where there are massive delays due to the recent strike at Hong Kong.

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences caused on your shipment delays. We are closely following up with the deliveries of the materials to complete your order. If you are experience delays in your order delivery, please bare with us and wait for a while. We expect the issue will be resolved in ~1 week's time.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

J&K Audio Design Team

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cobalt Output Transformer

We've sold quite a few pairs of Cobalt output transformers to our worldwide customers. It's time to show some pictures of the double C Cobalt output transformers. There isn't many Cobalt C cores left. So for those that are still considering - you're playing with fire by waiting further.

Do note that we cannot offer Cobalt C as level 3 since they are refurbished cores. Only level 2 is offered. For those that needs perfection, please go for nano-crystalline amorphous C cores transformers. Nano-crystalline amorphous C core uses nano-technology and we are proudly saying that it is the best that we got, so far.

Character of the double C Cobalt output transformers:

* Warm and tubey
* Very dense mids / meaty vocals
* Excellent low bass and mid bass focus
* Highs are adequate but not excessive

We got a shock when we replaced the Z11 level 1 with this double C Cobalt output transformers. The 3W does not sound like 3W anymore. It sounded more like a higher power tube amplifier where the grip on the speaker woofer is so tight and taut that it was misunderstood as a high power amplifier.

This Cobalt OPT is suitable for bright, thin sounding or systems that tilt towards the highs. This Cobalt OPT will balance out the sound. In addition, if you are looking for better mid-low bass response for your system, this is the perfect OPT to get.

For balanced sounding system, we recommend the level 3 Precision Wind Z11 and/or PW nano-crystalline C cores. One can choose the Cobalt OPT too if they like warmer sound.

If your room is having mid-low frequency resonances or acoustical issues, this pair of Cobalt OPT will tell you clearly that you have more work to do.

Cobalt Output Transformers on 6B4G tube amplifier

Cobalt Output Transformer vs Z11 Output Transformer

2 pairs of Cobalt Output Transformers

Cobalt Output Transformers - packed for shipment

J&K Audio Design

EL34 Amplifier Repair

Another tube amplifier was sent in for repair. You can be the technician and let us know what's wrong with this tube amplifier. We've taken some pictures on the affected areas for your "troubleshooting".

We heard about the low selling price of this unit (so low that we can never achieve with our handmade designs). Since it is other people's product, we will never comment on the quality of this amplifier. You judge it yourself.

Enjoy the pictures of the "intestines".

J&K Audio Design

Friday, October 17, 2014

Nanocrystalline C Cores

There has been several queries on asking us to supply Hitachi Finemet® Nanocrystalline C cores based transformers. We've checked with several vendors of such and find it quite difficult to source it to our factory for testing and production.

Hitachi Finemet® Nanocrystalline C cores has been considered as THE finest material for transformer making and is highly regarded by audiophiles in Japan. We believe that some of the Japanese manufacturers have already started producing Hitachi Finemet® Nano transformers.

We, can't loose out of course! We turn to our usual transformer cores supplier and asked them for help. "We need nanocrystalline C cores for our customers!", we cried, and we need it fast! Fortunately, our call for help is answered, and we are offered an equivalent alternative. This nanocrystalline C cores have ultra excellent magnetic properties to be made as audio transformers!

In general, the nanocrystalline structure is achieved by cooling down the metal so rapidly from the liquid state that the alloy grains formed with this ultra rapid cooling process are extremely small and similar in share and sizes, in nanometer range, and therefore the name is called so.

We are proudly announcing that we are accepting orders now for nanocrystalline C cores based audio transformers! This nanocrystalline C Cores based transformers will be priced similarly as the Amorphous C cores (for a limited period only) that we have been offering for quite some time but has far much superior properties or sound if compared! (We were tempted to price this nanocrystalline C Cores transformers to be more expensive than the current Level 3 Amorphous cores now due to the substantial increase in performance, to be honest.)

To reduce inventory and complexity of our product line, we are phasing out the Amorphous C cores line, replacing it with this nanocrystalline C cores line too.

J&K Audio Design

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

J&K is back!

Hi guys,

We're back in business after the short break. We are working on the backlog and trying to complete and ship out all existing orders ASAP.

Thank you for your patience (highly appreciated!). 

We have a bad news though - price will be going up by 5-10% 1st January 2015 due to rising materials and operating cost, thanks to our beloved "gahment".

J&K Audio Design Team