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Thursday, September 18, 2014

J&K Transformer Review

Another feedback to light up the day for us. :) This is a short review of Mr.J from down South.

Mr.J uses a full set of transformers from us:

* Quad Core Permalloy output transformers
* Super Hi-B double C core power transformers
* Double C Core Permalloy chokes
* Western Electric EI core bias transformers

J&K Audio Design

Friday, September 12, 2014

Z11 Power Transformer Review

Nothing is more rewarding than hearing such good feedback from our customer. He ordered Z11 power transformers for his colleague for an audio project.

That's what we've been preaching - properly designed transformers are much better compared in terms of noise immunity. With our proprietary winding and shielding technologies, the noise floor is significantly lower compared to others. Also, we size the core right for longevity, and with its' low loss nature, it runs really cool.

Do yourself a favor, be energy efficient and love our one and only mother Earth!

If you've used our products and would like others to know the results, please write to us so that we can share it with more people and in turn, more people uses it for the good of all fellow DIY-philes.

J&K Audio Design

Sunday, September 7, 2014

PCL85 Tube Amplifier

J&K Audio Design - Nightlight (with PCL85 Triode-Pentode Vacuum Tube)

Months ago, a fellow audiophile approached us and gave us some Philips PCL85 tube. He initially asked for only a very entry level PCL85, using a pair of very raw guitar amp like OPT for the job, to be mounted on an aluminum plate.

Upon listening to our entry level 6B4G DHSET (on the right) driving Zu Audio Soul Superfly and Usher Dancer Mini-X, he was hooked and wanted his PCL85 to be upgraded to a full fledged PCL85. As usual, our favorite is the Z11 cores and therefore we recommended a full Z11 vacuum tube amplifier.

Enjoy the pictures! Highlights below:
  • ALIS-5SE MK2 - output transformer used
  • Z11 power transformers
  • Z11 choke (good for choke-input rectification)
  • Teflon tube sockets
  • Mode select - Triode/Pentode/Super-Linear
  • Stepped attenuator
  • Oil capacitors for driver-stage
  • Panasonic electrolytic for power-stage
  • Choke-input tube rectified (5X4G and 5U4G compatible)
  • Extra suspension and heat sink for PCL85 tube 
  • Rigid full aluminum chassis with low center-of-gravity wide body

Z11 Transformers (power, choke and output transformer)

Light's off view of PCL85 & 5X4G

Nightlight in action - driving a pair of Zu Audio Soul Superfly

Nightlight PCL85 Tube Amplifier

Nightlight VS 6B4G SET

Deep low solid bass, extended highs, warm midrange, what more can I ask for?
For those with sharp eyesight, they might notice a solid state like amplifier on the bottom of the rack. Well, yes, it was made for comparison use. It is a VERY famous class A kit, built with dual-mono-power supplies and with all the goodies inside. A lot of builders have very high regards for the sound.

How does it fair? I'm sorry. It has no place in this setup. It was too veiled, lifeless and harmonic-less when compared, pale...

J&K Audio Design
7th SEP 2014

Friday, September 5, 2014

Super Hi B C Core

2 pairs of audiophile ultimate Super Hi-B C Core power transformers for tube amplifier going out the house!

You cannot find any better audiophile power transformers than this. Other guys usually use Super Hi-B C Core for output transformers! We're using it for them for ultimate sonic advantage over ordinary power transformers. Try it and you will find that your audio experience is heightened to a level you have never reached before.

It never gets warm. It never hums. It gives the darkest background. It transmits power effortlessly, with great bass and airy highs. It is simply amazing.

Time to enjoy some pictures:

Super Hi-B C Cores
Potting compound

Potted Power Transformers

Super Hi-B C Core Power Transformer #1
Super Hi-B C Core Power Transformer #1
Super Hi-B C Cores

Neatest winding with imported (made in Europe) OFC magnet wire.

Weight of windings alone is already 6KG!

Each layer is insulated with film insulators
Laser cut fiber glass bobbin

Transformer bobbins
I'd better warn you. Those that tried Super Hi-B C cores swear that they would never go back to ordinary cores and always come back for more! 

I'm loving it!

J&K Audio Design
5th September 2014.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

811 Tube Amplifier

More pictures to share - 811 tube amplifier and 300B tube amplifier.

  • The value line of refurbished Permalloy C cores are REALLY value for money for entering into the Permalloy / Amorphous world.
  • If one wants significant improvement above the refurbished Permalloy, the Nippon Steel Amorphous C cores are the ones to order. 
  • The Cobalt C cores another foe one must not forget. They are not cheap but they are worth every penny of it. Try Google for Cobalt output transformers to get to know more about them and how good they are. 

811 tube amplifier

300B tube amplifier

J&K Audio Design
2 SEP 2014