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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Transformer Case

These are the transformer cases that we are using for some of our potted transformers. Since a lot of people asked about what we use, we might as well publish it here to save all the attaching work. :)

3 sizes:

  1. 80 x 80 x 90 (H) mm, mounting hole 60 x 60 mm, 4m thread, window 46 x 46mm, 1mm thickness top, 1.8mm bottom plate, for EI76, for single C cores - U$33/pc
  2. 105 x 105 x 105 (H) mm, mounting hole 83 x 83 mm, 4mm thread, window 67 x 67mm, 1mm thickness, 1.8mm bottom plate, for EI96, for single and double C cores - U$35/pc
  3. 122 x 122 x 130 (H) mm, mounting hole 96 x 9 mm, 4mm thread, window 73 x 73mm, 1.2mm thickness, 1.8mm bottom plate, for EI114, for double C cores - U$D38/pc

  • Internal dimension is external - ~3mm.
  • Special prices if is used with our transformers. 

J&K Audio Design
27 Aug 2014

Power Amplifier

This is a customer's power amplifier using our 500VA Z11 power transformers.

J&K Audio Design
27 August 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

3K Single Ended Output Transformer

3K Single Ended Output Transformer In Circuit Measurement - Level 3 - Amorphous Double C Core - Made for KT88 / KT90 / EL156.

Single Ended Pentode
 Above are in-circuit actual operating measurement.
KT88 Pentode Mode.
2dB per column for Y-axis

Single Ended Triode
Above are in-circuit actual operating measurement.
KT88 Triode Mode
2dB per column for Y-axis

Frequency response:
* 20Hz(-1.71dB)—1KHz(0db)—20KHz(0.18dB) (Pentode mode)
* 20Hz(-0.16dB) (Triode mode)
UL: 40%
Primary Impedance: 3K
Primary DCR :135Ω(B-P,28℃),
Secondary DCR: 8 Ohm @ 0.62 Ohm
Primary Inductance:26H (measured at 140mA,20Hz,5Vrms)
Max Pri DC:240mA (recommended 150mA)
* DCR 2% (0.2 Ohm)
* Primary Inductance 5% (1H)

J&K Audio Design

Monday, August 18, 2014

How To Order

How to order our products?

* Just email us your wish list!
* Use the contact form at every bottom of page!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Double C Core Power Transformers

Check out our double C core power transformer. This is a premium (level 1) grade power transformer made for a fellow local tube enthusiasts. It is about 300VA in size. Level 2 will use the Super Hi-B C cores.

It does not have any matching enclosure and therefore it will be bare naked. Afraid not, the stand and frame are very sturdy.

13 August 2014
J&K Audio Design