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Friday, March 27, 2015

3io's BlackBox Ground Box

3io's BlackBox (click here) electronics ground box is completed! Take a look at the pictures below. Reminder - offer ends 31st MAR 2015. The ground box applications can be found here.

Pre-order (introductory) price - U$149 (offer until Mar 2015, limited to 12 units only)
Retail price - U$229 (April 2015 onwards)
For those that pre-ordered, please expect to receive your products in 1 or 2 week's time, depending on your location.

Announcement: we shall have another ground cleanser coming soon that is under evaluation and development for the moment. It is non-electronics type. It is organic based and is made of different types of organic compound - our special formula fill, we temporary named it as "J&K Ground Virtualizer". 

Size and weight are about 5x of 3io's BlackBox. Price is also about 5x of 3io's BlackBox due to the cost involved in developing and building this product. Stay tuned for more details. 

Virtualizer Minimizer I - U$230 / pc
* sufficient diffusing strength of 1 - 3 piece of equipment
* 6KG, 140mm (W) x 130mm (H) x 320mm (D)
Virtualizer Maximizer I - U$690 / pc
* sufficient diffusing strength of 3 - 6 piece of equipment
* 18KG, 430mm (W) x 130mm (H) x 320mm (D)

Thanks again for your support!

J&K Audio Design

Thursday, March 26, 2015

3io’s BlackBox Application Notes

How do you use the 3io's Blackbox? Click on the link if you do not know what 3io's BlackBox is.

The amazing part of this 3io's Black box is, it works, very obviously, as soon as you connect it to your equipment ground. Once you have it connected, you will NEVER be able to take it down again. It is an outcome of ages of experimentation and listening test, after rested multiple materials, to arrive at the best formula.

Function 1: 
Decompression of soundstage, especially with dynamic complex music. Deepens the depth. Increase the strengths.

Function 2: 
More analogue, more feelings. Reduce sibilance.

Function 3:
Darker background. Darker black. Quieter quite passages. More details. 

Function 4:
Absorb EMI/RIF and improve the SNR of the system. 

Note: some systems will have more and some will have lesser effects, depending on the "health" of the existing system.

  1. Recommended - screw tight on chassis (remember to connect electrically as most chassis are anodized and insulated). It is best to have all equipment in the system connected to the BlackBox.
  2. Ground your anti-electrostatic brushes to increase the effects.
  3. Connect to the ground pin or negative pole of your speaker outputs (if it is not bridged operation).
  4. If your gears are high powered complex electronics, sometimes several BlackBoxes will bring better effects by paralleling several units to a single equipment.
  5. Connect it on your wall socket ground pin near your HIFI system.
  6. Connect it near your noise generating equipment - fan, TV, microwave, fridge to prevent noise from propagating further to other places. 
  • Try with different points on your system to get the optimal effect. 
  • Try with different cables, clips and spades - the higher quality, the better the effect.
  • If you cannot locate any ground posts or grounded screws, try clipping it on the RCA exterior connector or metal shield of the USB port.
  • IT NEEDS RUNNING IN! It takes about 10 days to stabilize. The effects will vary within the first few days of running it. Please bare with it for 1 week or so.
The effects of connecting it on the chassis is that it will widen the soundstage, dig out more details, better the clarity, relax the sound, increase the separation, reduce the digital effect (more analogous).

Reason being
  1. It reduces the electrostatic charges/potential, giving the chassis and ground plane a regulated potential.
  2. It reduces the free electrons floting around the ground plane, causing lesser effects to the micro-electrical currents.
  • Q: Do I still need it if I have active or passive filters on my mains?
  • A: Yes. This is not a filter.
  • Q: If I have a mains filter, how should I connect it?
  • A: 1 - connect it on your equipment ground directly. 2 - connect it before and after the mains filter. 
  • Q: What is the effects of paralleling the BlackBox?
  • A: It strengthens the effect. Do note that there shall be an optimal quantity for your gears. Try to increase it 1 by 1 until it brings negative effect, then step down 1 unit to reach the optimal quantity.
  • Q: Will it restrict the dynamics?
  • A: No. It is connected in parallel. It is not in the direct signal or energy flow path. It does not change the flow of signals.
  • It does not and cannot replace the ground / Earth line.
  • It needs running in and settling down.
  • It does not need to be discharged or energized.
  • Connect to the dedicated ground post of your equipment for best effects.


J&K Audio Design

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


You know what's coming? GST!

A goods and services tax in Malaysia (GST), a value added tax, was scheduled to be implemented by the government by 1st April 2015!

Hooray! Our prices will be adjusted due to the impact and further additional inflation caused by GST where all our operating/materials costs are increased significantly.

Any orders that come in (paid) after 1st APR will be impacted.

Thanks again.

J&K Audio Design

Thursday, March 19, 2015

3io’s BlackBox

We are distributing 3io's BlackBox (ground treatment device). Take a look at the description below. 

3io’s BlackBox

Increasing use of domestic electrical appliances inevitably introduces more on to the power line. This pollutes the mains leading to significant degradation of audio and video performance.

Shielding, filtering and isolating helps “clean up” the sound up and improves the sound quality significantly. This technology is best-shown or used in audio cable manufacturers. If DC resistance and shielding are the most important factors on power or signal transmission, then there won’t be much variations of audio cables in the audio industry. 

Stray electrons are highly undesired in the world of Audiophiles. What are the ways of reducing all these stray electrons? Some examples would be to use non-conductive materials like wood where some of the manufacturers are excelling in using wood as sound tuning materials. Instead of solid plate of metal, some uses conductive film technology on a non-conductive material to provide shielding but not creating excessing mass effect.

A dedicated ground treatment will help by creating a stable potential on the equipment to keep the free electrons number under control by channeling them to ground at a constant rate. Due to the advancement in technology of today, polluted ground or combined grounding in an condominium . apartment is making matters worse. After an extensive research done and countless tests conducted on  virtual ground, we are proud to introduce 3io’s BlackBox. This device will help draw and collect free electrons and keep them under control, preventing them from polluting the signal transfer. 3io’s BlackBox acts like a black hole, drawing any available matter into it. 

Each 3io’s BlackBox will be able to control a quantifiable amount of free electrons. How many units are needed per system is dependent on the amount of free electrons present in the system. It has to come in balance the amount of 3io’s BlackBox units to be used. Users will have to determine themselves based on their listening evaluation. 

The effects? Simply amazing. Darker black. Quieter background. Lower noise. Lesser sibilance. Increased transparency. More seductive mid-range. More extended highs and solid bass! You have got to try it.

This is the chassis we are going to use to house the device

 Here are some of the applications examples using our prototype boxes:

Connect to amplifier ground pin/pole


Connect to CD Player / Transport / Source Ground

Connect to PCB ground

Connect to ground of power distributor

Connect to wall plug

Connect to voltage regulator ground pole

Plug into voltage regulator socket

Connect to voltage regulator ground pole

Pre-order (introductory) price - U$149 (offer until Mar 2015, limited to 12 units only)
Retail price - U$229 (April 2015 onwards)
 Email us now to secure a unit. Delivery is expected to be mid - end of April 2015. 

 J&K Audio Design

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

PayPal Account Hacked

Our PayPal account is hacked.

We shall change our account and resend all invoices for all customers.

Please be informed.

Thank you!