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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

SIT Amplifier with 2SK180

Below is an interesting amplifier design from M. Rothacher.

It uses SIT (Static Induction Transistor). SIT characteristics is quite close to vacuum tube Triode. Based on many user's feedback online is that SIT sounds quite close to Triodes! 

SIT, THF-51S, 2SK180, 2SK180ES and such are very high power devices with PD of ~400-1KW. Say we take 15% as efficiency of class A amplification, we can easily get 60W - 150W out of SIT! This is definitely more economical and simpler than to draw 50W out of a 212 tube. 

A level 1 OPT, tailored for this above application
- Z11 - U$490/pair, Z9 - U$590/pair.
- Pri: 250 Ohm (configurable), inductance ~1H 
- Pri DC: 1A (others are available) 
- Second: 0-4-8-16R (any)
- Output power: 70W

Some samples bias settings (not tested):

A sample circuit from Nelson Pass, in his SIT Nemesis article: 

This looks alike to a normal SPUD circuit and is simple enough for DIYers with experience on building tube amplifiers. 

It would be quite interesting and ear opening to try out such designs.

J&K Audio Design

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