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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Transformer upgrades with J&K ultra isolation transformer

Another great testimonial from our customer using our J&K Ultra Isolation Transformer - a real paying user feedback, rather than bogus paid reviews on blogs or magazines. 

Rich has been replacing all his transformers on his existing HIFI equipment with our Ultra Isolation Transformers. 

* Replace existing transformer with ultra isolation transformer
* Separating critical power rails to separate ultra isolation transformer
* Upgrading super critical power rails with OCC made ultra isolation transformers
* and many more... 

Without further ado, here goes the feedback from Rich. This is just the tip of the iceberg on the upgrades he had done to his HIFI and Home Theater gears. 

Auralic Vega DAC upgraded power supply with J& K Discrete Ultra ISO transformers replacing original toroid. Now front-ended by two stages of balanced Ultra ISO transformers for each of the three  secondaries in the Vega. Since upgrading the Crystek clock to the Pulsar, the lowered noise can really show what the clock can do for cleaning up transients, illuminating blur, spaciality/imaging and a very natural listening experience. J&K Ultra Transformers mounted in the silver enclosures on top of the Vega.
Also using two Ultra ISO stages for both the Uptone Audio USB Repeater and Antipodes Music Server.



Main 240VAC Distribution Hub for front-end components

- Preamp
- Music Server
- USB Regenerator
- Home Theater Processor

Fused 240VAC mains input into overbuilt J&K Audio-inspired DC blocker with fused 240VAC feeds to six external Ultra ISO balanced secondary Transformers for source components. Voltage (240V) display on front panel.
500W OCC wound 120VAC balanced secondary Ultra to three feeds for separate OCC wound Ultras for front-end analog circuits.
All power feeds to the system are now balanced.

Apologies for not posting that often. We are super busy with orders. 

J&K Audio Design

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