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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

OCC Transformers

Greetings J&K followers! 

Apologies for not posting for some time. Busy, busy, and busy... that's what's left in our life! 

We didn't intend to post but we can't resist to do so since we have to take some pictures for one of our customers locally. He had ordered a set of unique transformers for his preamp - OCC copper power transformers, OCC copper filament transformers, and OCC copper chokes! 

We have always been a producer of high quality transformers. We can't resist the opportunity to promote OCC based transformers! Most of the time, OCC are used only in speaker cables, interconnects and power cords, but why not transformers? 

For us, OCC output transformers are quite common. OCC power transformers and chokes are rare, although not uncommon actually. We've made quite a lot of OCC ultra isolation transformers and output transformers for a few customers based in U.S.A. 

What are the benefits of OCC based transformers? From electrical properties perspective, they have lower DCR compared to standard magnet wires - lower impedance. The insulation paint is a few magnitude better than the standard ones too - longer life! 

Based on our listening tests, and feedback from customers, are that OCC copper transformers have smoother highs, more extended in mid-low bass and more refined in mids + highs. In overall, they are well worth the money spent compared to spending them on power cords, interconnects or speaker cables IMHO. The length used in transformers alone would explain why the differences are more significant compared to exterior cables. If you are already using OCC cables, investing in OCC transformers are a must in order to fully exploit the goodness of OCC wires.

Post-script: We are starting to explore OCC silver cables. We have limited stock of OCC silver wires ordered for a customer. There should be some leftover that can be used for a limited range of transformers. For those that could not fit what we have, we are very sorry that we still need some time to stock up more OCC silver wires (raw OCC silver wires are ultra expensive. The finished OCC silver transformers will be pricey.). If you are interested in OCC silver wires made transformers, drop us a mail and we shall see if something can be made just for you. 

Till then!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! 

J&K Audio Design

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