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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Quad Core Transformers

Return of the Quad Core Transformers 

3 years ago, we started making quad core transformers (or quad C core transformers) with refurbished C cores (amorphous cores, Permalloy / nickel cores). As they were refurbished C cores, the sizes and cores are not matched, and the electrical properties of the C cores are quite hard to control. We rate them as our entry Level 0 transformers at that time. You can see the previous links of these Quad Core (Quad C Core) transformers here:

We discontinued the above Level 0 Quad Core transformers as it did not live up to our expectations and quality control. After 3 years, we decided to re-introduce them! This round, we shall offer them as Level 2 transformers, and we are using brand new C cores to make such Quad Core (Quad C core) transformers. The types available are:

* Quad C Core / Quad Core Output Transformers
* Quad C Core / Quad Core Interstage Transformers
* Quad C core / Quad Core Input Transformers 
* Quad C core / Quad Core Super Charger Input Transformers 

They are about 35% more expensive than standard Level 2 transformers. They are much more difficult to make, and the efficiency is higher as the windings are surrounded 360deg (almost) by the cores. You can use the below link as price reference. Email us at the form on the right if you need an actual quotation.

For those transformers that are not on the list, email us for further details. We cannot list all of our transformers in the blog, apologies.

The new Level 2 Quad C Core transformers are MILES better compared to the 2014 version (which is a Level 0 type). The C cores are brand new, and have known electrical / mechanical properties, and therefore the end results are better - wider bandwidth and flatter frequency response.

Do note that Level 2 Quad Core output transformers and Quad Core input transformers are only available in potted format as Quad Core output transformers are hard to secure with square frames. We'd need to pot them to ensure there are no movements in the C cores to preserve the original design parameters. 

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