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Friday, September 15, 2017

J&K Transformers Review

J&K Transformers Review

Nothing beats hearing from a happy customer using J&K transformers! In addition, a real paying user review is 100x better than a paid review in a magazine. There is no conflict of interest, and the content is genuine, albeit it is not professionally or beautifully crafted by a writer. So here goes nothing, a J&K output transformer review.

Frank is from Germany and he was looking for a pair of very high end single ended output transformers for his tube amplifier using 300B XLS. He'd like to upgrade the output transformer on his ASL 1005 to something significantly better. Frank knows what he wants from the start - he immediately pointed to our ALIS-5SE Paragon Nanocrystalline Double C core output transformer, which is a Level 3 transformer. 

For more details of this OPT, you can refer to link below:
ALIS-5SE Paragon NanoCrystalline Double C Core

No pictures, no truth - here you go, some pics taken by Frank on his ASL 1005 300B amplifier.

A print-screen of what Frank has written after he'd tried our Level 3 Output Transformer on his ASL amplifier - in short, blown away! We've gotten his permission to post this of course. Frank's last name has been removed to protect his privacy. 

// Quote:

Hi Jolin,
the transformers are installed now, they sound really great. Everything is like it should, sounds really natural, 3D audio in perfection. 
The ends are more expanded, in particular the heights, absolutely no compression the sound is freed in all directions. The pictures of my amp you find attached. 

My amp was a Antique Sound Lab AQ-1005 MKII, but I’ve changed nearly everything (mains transformer and choke of the power supply, preamp is now 
Aikido cascode with 6SN7, only the casing is the same but with an additional ground floor for the chokes. The weight of teh amp is about 15 kg more than before.

Thank you very much for this wonderful pieces of technology.

Best Regards


// End quote.

Many thanks to Frank for voluntarily sending us his review! We appreciate it very much. We'd like to encourage others to send it too, so that more people can get to read their comments, and discover new path to audio nirvana.

Hope you enjoy the short, sweet and simple review of J&K products. 

Thank you and see you again!

Hear the unheard! Sail the uncharted! 
Long live custom made audio!

J&K Audio Design

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