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Saturday, August 12, 2017

J&K Products Review

Greetings everyone! Yes, we're still alive, although we have been quiet on our side.

Apologies for not being able to post as frequent as before. Time is really running short at our hands. Lead time is getting longer as our custom made department is fully, well, overloaded with orders from everyone.

That helped us to put bread and butter on the table for some of our technicians, support workers, and suppliers. Thank you very much, guys! Your support is very, very appreciated.

Today, we'd like to share a short review from our supporter in USA! He'd purchased quite a number of ultra isolation power transformers to replace the transformers inside his existing equipment, as well as the ultra isolation transformers as external use for power filtration.

Here's Rich's review on our ultra isolation transformer below in his home theater! Yes, ultra isolation transformers are not just for audio (HIFI), but can be for home theater too!

We're very happy to hear that he's enjoying our ultra isolation transformers! And thank you (Rich) for allowing us to share your write up.

Some background reading for new readers, if they're unaware of what they are all about:

You can order transformers in such a way from us (I know, it's a lot of options but it is all worth it!)
* power transformers with electrostatic shield (standard in market)
* ultra isolated power transformers or pure ultra isolation transformers (size is almost same as transformers 2x the rating)
* upgrade OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast wires)
* upgrade from EI to C or double C cores 
* core upsize (operate at lower flux density, size will be much, much larger!)
* bare with frame, or upgrade to end bells, or potted in casing (recommended for low noise operation)

Why all these options? All for better sound of course! And it does matter.

PS: We've users that paired our transformers OCC power cords and they find huge improvements. That's why we are offering OCC in our power transformers, chokes and isolation transformers now instead of just purely for the audio transformers such as output transformers, input transformers, TVC and interstage transformers. Instead of the 1-2 meter of OCC at the power cord, now you get hundreds of meters of OCC in the power transformers. Imagine the improvement you would get!

J&K Audio Design

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