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Thursday, February 2, 2017

DC Blocker Review

Again, Gong Xi Fa Cai! 

We woke up this morning to find this wonderful news from a J&K Audio Design Audiophile DC Blocker user in Hong Kong. Another Hong Kong user used J&K DC blocker and introduced it to him on an online forum (refer link below):

His mono-block power amplifiers had issues on hum and he asked us to custom make two cost-no-object super high end audiophile DC blocker with Furutech inlet and outlet (NCF type), audiophile capacitors, and with 6N OFC cables. 

FI-06 NCF (R)


The Furutech GTX-S NCF and FI-06 NCF are really something! Build quality is top notch. The material felt solid and damped, unlike those cheapskate plugs from the general stores. It costs a bomb but is worth it.

After adding in the DC blocker, not only the hum from the toroid transformer at his Constellation amplifier is gone, the performance is improved as well since the transformer is no longer saturated with DC and can work optimally / normally. 

See a screen capture from our Inbox:

Ivan posted in a HK forum too, as follow (with pictures too!)

Quotes (can translate with Google Translate):

"效果應該是預期(是期望才對),初插上15分鐘,有如冇開機的靜。 半小時後播上第一隻碟,弱音更現,低頻更深,好聽好多多多。相信經長假期慢火煲練應可更溫純。"

" 我先要針對Amp hum 這問題, 乜都要試。 這對DC Blocker真真有料到, 昨晚開足七小時, Amp机身微暖, DC Blocker机身溫度涼爽如未用上的。聲音似用上Centaur II, 聽至零晨一時, 細細聲也很清晰細緻。直得一試。"

For some background, you can read it here. We can custom make it to any format, any quality you need, based on your budget.

Ivan: thanks for sharing your feedback! 

Till then, take care guys! 

J&K Audio Design

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