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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Super Hi-B EI Output Transformers

Good day folks! We have been quite quiet these days on the blog, but we aren’t dead!

Things are moving at a very fast pace at the background to fulfil all the orders. Apologies if your orders take such a long time. Lead time is long to maintain the quality of the products. If you are in a rush, please submit your orders early, or go somewhere else please if you’d like to rush things. I’m sorry we cannot take rushed orders. Thank you for your patience in advance, and your support all these years. We cannot make it that far without all your love and blessings on our products!

For those that prefers more frequent updates, they can visit our Facebook page where we frequently post about our product news, and interesting HIFI related topics. We welcome your emails to discuss about anything related to HIFI or audio transformers with us. We are open to partnerships or ODM for your equipment needs. Just drop us a mail.

For this round, we would like to introduce you guys to our Super Hi-B EI core. I believe all would be familiar with the EI Z11 core used all over our standard offerings, which is considered quite high quality compared to the lower H cores used elsewhere. The Super Hi-B EI core is even better.

The Super Hi-B EI core have higher permeability and lower core loss (~35% lower than EI Z11). Super Hi-B EI core loss is only ~0.92W/KG (versus ~1.25W/KG for EI Z11)! We have been experimenting on using this core on the most commonly used 300B output transformer and got excellent results. Based on all similar design parameters, with just the difference on the core material, Super Hi-B EI versus EI Z11, the Super Hi-B EI core boasts 20% higher primary inductance compared to EI Z11. This has opened a door for a better output transformer design!

With the lower core loss and higher inductance generated with the Super Hi-B EI core, we can notice obvious improvement on the output transformers. The low frequency, in terms of linearity, extension and quantity, are so much better with the Super Hi-B EI core compared to EI Z11 version. The control and grip on the speakers are much stronger, and therefore you can “feel” that the power is higher. There are some improvement on clarity and transparency too, possibly due to the lower loss of the core, and the different design approach we take for this core since consideration or compensation for higher primary inductance is lesser in some degree.

A lot of tube amplifier users feel that the low frequency fidelity for tubes are not good and deep enough. They should try to listen to this version with Super Hi-B EI core. We can easily get low frequency response of 10Hz @-1dB, and more if the users have special request.

The EI core size profile is quite complete for this Super Hi-B EI core compared to the C core version that is limited in sizes, and therefore there are more flexibility in terms of the VA or capacity, and the ease of more deeper customizations. Super Hi-B EI core has size of EI 66, 76, 86, 96, 105, 114 and 133.

And yes, to answer some extreme customers, that these cores can be used as power transformers or chokes too. And yes again too, for even more exotic users, we can pair this with OCC Copper or OCC Silver wires, to make the ultimate output transformer for your project.

Send in your orders now, and be amazed with the renewed life of your tube amplifiers! Apologies on all words article – the EI core all looks the same. There is nothing much to see, but it is much to hear!

J&K Audio Design

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