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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Fully Built Transformer Volume Control

Fully Built Transformer Volume Control - would anyone be interested?

We REALLY hesitated on introducing a fully built transformer volume control due to the amount of manual labor required to solder the TVC to the step-switch. One unit of fully built stereo Transformer Volume Control takes 5-8 hours to solder!

Due to the overwhelming response from readers asking for a fully built TVC as not many are trained on soldering and building audio kits, we are introducing this, for a limited time, for a limited quantity, for batches order only so that we can keep the quality in control. 

Also, we think that Transformer Volume Control is something that an audiophile must own as the improvement in sound is just substantial over the price paid (very high cost / performance ratio), we are doing a limited time promotion on standard configuration standard TVC to keep the cost of making them down. 

Standard standalone 24-step TVC - U$590/pair (RM-2350) (special batch order price only)
* 24-step, potted with turrets
* Hi-B core only (others - will be normal price) 
* Primary 600 Ohm, secondary: 600 Ohm

Note: It will be built in a batch of >=5 sets. You can order 5 sets or more, or wait for 5 sets to be accumulated before build starts. If you order >=5 sets, you can customize it slightly, please email for details.

Fully built stereo unit - U$990/unit (RM-3950) (special batch order price only) 
* built with standard 24-step TVC above
* full aluminum chassis
* 24 step attenuator switch 
* double-screw chassis 
* input grounded, or output grounded, or floating (need to ground at chassis)
* single set of stereo input and stereo output

Note: It will be built in a batch of >=5 sets. You can order 5 sets or more, or wait for 5 sets to be accumulated before build starts. If you order >=5 sets, you can customize the parts used (some at extra cost), please email for details.

Sample fully built TVC is as follow: 
* outlook and materials may change depending on parts availability

TVC - fully built
23 step TVC only (shown is 33-step as sample only)

Silver Plated OFC wiring

33-step version shown as sample only
Made in Taiwan 24-step switch

What's the difference between this and the custom made version? Custom made (more expensive) version offers superior cores - NanoCrystalline (aka Finemet), Permalloy and Amorphous, and is customisable (different primary/secondary impedance, different step-up/down ratios, configurable and etc), different grade of wires, solder, and etc. Sound quality wise, custom made version is a grade higher too (that justifies the price!). 

Still, this standard version is excellent sounding - with extended frequency range, solid vocals/body and clarity! The difference between TVC and resistive stepped attenuator is easily differentiated even by non-audiophiles! You owe yourself to own it, trust us!

Till then, grab hold of this opportunity to get yourself a fully built TVC, or a raw Transformer Volume Control, for your long awaited birthday present, Christmas present, 1st draw pay gift to yourself, wedding anniversary present, and(or whatever reasons you can cook up)!  

While it lasts... don't regret after promotion is over, or before we regret it.

J&K Audio Design

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