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Saturday, April 22, 2017

J&K Transformer Volume Control

J&K Audio Design TVC - we just realized that we have not posted any pictures of our TVC, oops!

Here are two types that we offer - 23/24 steps, or 33 steps.

J&K 23 steps TVC

J&K 33 steps TVC

It is housed in a 80mm x 80mm x 100mm H steel casing, with 60mm x 60mm mounting holes, with a 50mm x 50mm opening. Other sizes may be available, depending on the casing availability.

It may not look perfect on the bottom side as we're running out of space to cramp in 33 + 3 taps at the small opening. The black compound is transformer transformer potting compound. Our secret multi-layer potting processes (for sound tuning) make it even harder for us to make the bottom to look perfect.

24 step TVC

33 step TVC

Fully built TVC in a chassis is available with workmanship surcharge, plus the costs of chassis, connectors, switches and internal wiring (variable due to difference in quality).

You can read more about our various J&K TVC posts here, and even the J&K OPTVC!
Now J&K TVC, and J&K OPTVC are available with OCC Copper and OCC Silver wires, on top of the standard OFC and silver plated OFC magnet wires, for maximum enjoyment and performance!

Till then, adios!

J&K Audio Design

J&K OPT with LS3/5A

It has been some time since we last posted. Time really flies. It is almost mid of 2017, in a blink of an eye!

As usual, things are very, very busy behind the scene. We hardly have time to ourselves. Custom made audio equipment orders come in faster than we can clear them. Apologies for those that waited long, and are patiently lining up for their orders to be completed and delivered.

Ken has been troubled with migraine problem, and has been pushing some orders away to have more rest time to attend to his health. That makes things even more hectic! And, if you want to get your things done with a deadline, we'd advise you to place your orders early to avoid disappointment.

Let's get back to audio topic here! Nobody wants to hear all that ranting! :P

Tone accuracy and correct voicing are something audio designers always look for. Even if your frequency response, bandwidth, or measurements look perfect, the outcome of "sound" may not be "right". That's why we always try to pair our transformers with studio monitors, such as Tannoy speakers.

We have a customer that bought our SE OPT - ALIS-5SE Ultimate quite some time ago. He's a user of LS3/5A, introduced by none other than the venerable LS3/5A guru, JoKi, who is also a personal friend of Ken. He has been using a pair of famous very high quality OPT from Taiwan with his LS3/5A, and want something better.

At first, he was not used to the sound of ALIS-5SE with his previous LS3/5A (forgot what model). After a year of testing, and running in, and with his new Falcon LS3/5A, this is what he said!

And now he is considering the NanoCrystalline Double C OPT (Level 3), as next level of progression! Thank you for your feedback!

Having endorsement from Falcon LS3/5A users showed that our tonality and voicing are correct, to satisfy event the most critical studio monitors. This has always been our goal - meeting measurement results with sound quality.

You can further read up on ALIS-5SE here:

Till then, enjoy music!

J&K Audio Design

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