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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

HIFI Repair

Is this a trend or what - manufacturers not willing to repair their gears after warranty period is over, even if customers are willing to pay? Please share your experience in our comments section.

We occasionally take in some damaged HIFI equipment to repair, as a good will to get the gears alive again, or helping friends and customers, as a favor. This, however, has led us to discover some unhealthy trend that the after sales and service of certain manufacturers and distributors are as good as none.

Some HIFI equipment requires special parts and PCB to be replaced in order to get them alive again, such as the controller board for smart power management system for a battery backed power supply regulator, label masked off parts, special custom made integrated circuits (IC), and such. These parts are not available outside, except the creator/manufacturer themselves. 

To our dismay, multiple mails and phone calls are often, not successful to get their responses to entertain our requests, or even our customers' queries! What kind of customer service is that?

The most recent one, is to ask for just a replacement power transformer (willing to pay!) since the specifications is not made known to us, and the owner wanted the original part. Nadah... distributor is wiling to entertain for a few mails but at the end, nothing. Manufacturer just kept quiet since day one. Bravo service, really! Oh ya, your design sucks too, cramping all the parts in a small chassis, including a big hot power transformers, with very minimal venting. No wonder it failed, and failed twice - the unit has got the original power transformer replaced once, with a badly done job. I guess the repair guy could not get replacement part and just substituted with anything he can find on hand.

It is not that we are asking for free parts and free service! Our friends and customers are paying a hefty price tag for the HIFI equipment they purchased! It is their right to get replacement parts at least, if sending in for repair is not an option. Nadah... not even a reply of email sometimes, or sometimes a wait of eternity is presented to us, on the requests.

Gosh... even a little entity like us, provides better service than them! Shame on you!

Now you guys have 1 more thing to consider before buying any HIFI equipment - ask around first on the after sales service, the durability of the equipment, and how helpful is the seller/distributor!

Just venting out... thank you for listening, and share your good or bad experiences with us, in the comments section!

J&K Audio Design

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