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Friday, June 17, 2016

Western Electric 212 输出变压器

Western Electric 212 Single Ended Output Transformer / 212 输出变压器

212 output tube is getting really "hot" these days! Another pair of Level 3 NanoCrystalline Double C output transformer, especially made for Western Electric WE 212 output tube, is out of the J&K production house. 

The specifications is almost the same as what we have produced always, this time, we have tuned it better with feedback from our 212 users, with slightly increased core size to handle the low frequency overheads even better than before. 5Hz @ -3dB is not producible by most loudspeakers, but the additional (flatter) impedance at 20Hz provides a better load to the tube for even linear response at low frequency region, therefore better reproduction of the lower registers. 

For those that likes a bit more coloration (vintage tone), they should consider our Hybrid Permalloy 212 output transformers, specially tuned for users that like more tube "coloration" / "harmonics" instead of this neutral sounding Nanocrystalline C core based transformers.

Frequency response: 20Hz (-0.26dB) - 1kHz (0dB) - 20kHz (-0.35dB) (16 Ohm, 1W)
Full bandwidth: 5Hz - 65kHz @-3dB (16 Ohm, 1W, measured with 845 PSE) 
Output power: 70W (20Hz)
Primary inductance: 28H at 150mA, 20Hz, 5Vrms (max 250mA)
Matched to <2% DCR, <5% Primary inductance

212 Output Transformer OPT
OPT made for WE 212
WE 212 Output Transformer - size comparison
212 OPT
WE 212 OPT
WE 212 OPT with Hammer-tone Paint
Hear the Unheard. 
Hear the Difference.
Only at J&K Audio Design.

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