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Friday, May 16, 2014

Product Classifications

Level-0 Entry Best bang for the buck range, where price / performance ratio is at the highest to provide good quality with lowest price and size.
20Hz to 20kHz +/- 3dB or better is our standard reference, with exception to super high impedance transformers.
Certified made in Japan Z11 grain oriented EI core is used widely. (For cost sensitive users, H* grade cores can be offered at a lower price.) It offers good quality with good performance at the cost.
Over-specifications are done at a low level for reserves. Industrial grade copper wires are used. Good for starters or intermediate users.
Products: MiniWatt Series, Z11 based transformers.
Level-1 Standard Standard range, where price / performance ratio is balanced to provide good performance with a reasonable price.
20Hz to 20kHz +/- 1.5dB (15Hz to 40kHz +/-3dB) or better is the standard of this range, with exception to super high impedance transformers.
Certified made in Japan Z6 - Z10 grain oriented EI core, or even Z11 will be used, depending on the applications and requirements.
We offer the supposedly expensive Amorphous/Permalloy cores on this range too, where refurbished cores compensates for the lower price. Core lamination are aligned neatly for best transfer of electrical energy and efficiency.
Over-specifications are done at a medium level for more reserves.
Industrial grade or OFC wires will be deployed at extra charge.
Products: Refurbished Amorphous (NiFe) cores, Z6, Z9 or Z10 based transformers, matched components.
Level-2 Premium High performance comes at a price. This is built with the best technology, know how and premium materials from J&K.
20Hz to 20kHz +/- 1dB or better (8Hz to 60kHz +/-3dB) is the standard of this range for most of the models, with exception to super high impedance transformers.
Every little details that matters to the sound are tinkered and dealt with precision and perfection.
Products: Precision Wind (any cores), customized fiber glass transformer bobbins, precision matched components, C core output and power transformers.
Level-3 Alien-Class We deploy the absolute best in J&K, our trade secrets alien technologies and special tweaks unknown to the community to get this to the highest standards available with the best materials available to us. Specification ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz +/- 0.3dB or better (5Hz to 80kHz +/-3dB).
No, you may not know what they are to prevent our Intellectual Properties s being stolen or copied. Electronics is science but audio is an art, maybe even black magic!
It may measure similarly or appreciably better than the Premium range but the sonic signature and improvement it has is just unmeasurable or quantifiable with data like frequency response.
You've gotta hear it to believe.
Expect to pay premium for this - what you pay is what you get!
Products: Precision Wind, special cores, special materials, special enabling, special tweaking, special everything.

Above said, all are still built for continuous class A operation, with reserves for instantaneous dynamic peaks. We do not specify outputs at PMPO, or unrealistic modes, like 20W(70Hz) - this is for guitar use, not for audio!

Over specification is by 50% and up to 300%, depending on level, applications and customer requests.

Insulations are ensured to withstand 150%-300% operation voltage for continuous operation.

All these will give rise to better dynamic power transfer, lower distortion, lower operating temperature, lower noise floor and most importantly, better sound!

Some comments apply to both components and end products, whereas some applies to only dedicated components or end products.

Technical specifications may not be our strength but music is not just about measurements or numbers. Trust your ears and tastes.

J*K Audio Design
16 May 2014

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Product Lists

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* Finished amplifiers, DACs, audio gadgets, upgrades and repairs - this is not our core business and we do it out of passion. We do not have fixed models, fixed price and we customize for each individuals. The sky is limit of creativity.

* Our product lines are always improving and increasing. If you do not see what you want, contact us!

* Please email for volume discounts, distributor and OEM pricing.

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