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Friday, December 20, 2013

Transformer Insulation Material

Transformer Insulation Material

We’ve been hearing a lot of emphasis on insulation material for capacitors, wires and such. What about output transformers? Yes, it is the same! Transformer insulation material matters. 

Traditionally, Kraft paper is always used. Nowadays, with new (well, not so new really) materials are available due to technological advance on materials processing, like Kapton, Nomex and Teflon for insulation materials. These materials bring new variations to transformer making, and it will greatly impact the end results, good or bad. 

Insulation material, as what it is named, is to insulate the conductors. When it comes to insulation, we need to analyze the electrical characteristics of the material to properly evaluate the design implementation of the output transformer as that would affect the input / output electrical characteristics. 

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