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Friday, December 20, 2013

Point To Point Wiring

Point To Point Wiring

I’m a supporter of point to point wiring, especially for simple tube amplifiers. I’m not against PCB but point to point wiring gives me the freedom for design change anytime, not to mention the freestyle wiring for shortest path connection.

With proper planning, I can design the amplifier such that I do not need a lot of wires to connect the components together. The pins or legs of the components will be sufficient for the job. It may not look good but it is one of the best ways on getting the job done – fast, accurate, short and direct! It may look messy but the logic is there, not to mention the improvement such methods bring. Also, sometimes I would like to keep the reusability or upgradability of the components for future use and therefore some connections might look a bit odd. Everything is done for a reason. 


Since I started DIY, I love to look at the internal design of the amplifier to see how creative the designers are in wiring up the components, especially for point to point wiring designs in tube amplifiers. Some are really well executed that they really look like a piece of art.

There are some that I do not like too where they’ve taken the “look” too seriously that they compromise on the most important thing of all – simplicity and shortest signal path. They make the connection look so properly arranged that they’ve to resort to all sorts of additional wires, turret boards, binding posts to get the job done. Also, those neat 90 degrees bents or tight bends on the components are just annoying. Yes, it looks nice, but the electrical properties of such bends are not preferred – they act as antennas and they either transmit or receive noises. Will it sound good? I bet those natural curves with shortest path will be many times better! 

So, don’t be too happy if the internal look too nice. Analyze how the things are being done before deciding to splash your hard earned cash on them.

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