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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Custom Made Transformers

Custom Made Transformers

We provide various transformers related services. We can custom make transformers for your various applications, not just exclusively for audio. We offer anything at all that you dare to order. Here are some types of transformers we manufacture (not all): 

  • Power transformers, mains transformers, mains isolation transformers
  • Tube amplifier output transformers, solid state amplifier output transformers
  • Chokes / inductors – anode chokes, grid chokes, power supply chokes, crossover chokes
  • Inter-stage transformers
  • Line input transformers
  • Line output transformers
  • General purpose transformers
  • Microphone transformers
  • Other audiophile transformers
  • Problem solvers transformers (isolation, balance to unbalance converters, splitters and etc)
High Quality Customized Transformers

Various transformer outlook or styles are available. Let us know your requirements. Provide pictures if possible. 

Our standard core material is the certified Japanese made Z11 E-I core for power, choke and audio transformers. If you need other core materials, you can supply it to us and we can wind to your specifications, like C-core, double C-core, amorphous core, WE (Western Electric) cores (used one are OK if condition is still acceptable) and etc. We do not offer customization for toroid core though. 

We only get our materials from certified, reliable and trustworthy sources to make our transformers. Our transformers are designed for quality, reliability and durability in mind. Our cores are sized for cool operation, not just up to the required specification so that our users will have total peace of mind. 

Repairing transformers is our expertise as well. If you have faulty transformers that need repair or replacement, email us for details.
Our mottos are:
  • Use good quality transformer for better sound and reliability.
  • Use Z11 made in Japan core that wastes less energy to save mother earth.

The benefits of such transformers are:
  • Correct voltage and current output.
  • Efficient – generate less heat and consumes less power.
  • No mechanical or audible hum.
  • Safe, reliable and long life.
We will not use or mix with other inferior core materials to the transformers. This ensures that the transformers produced are with the highest quality. Quality is guaranteed by default based on the material we use. 
E-I Core
We oversize the cores needed, whereas others do the reverse – undersize to save cost. Undersized core will overheat and also cause various problems, like excessive sagging, deterioration of material, core saturation impacting the bandwidth, and various other problems. So, compare before you buy. 

Some winders cut corner buy using a smaller core, lesser core laminations, lower quality / grade than needed. Perhaps the core prices has gone so much expensive that for them to make “MORE” money, they’ve to go to such extent. Such method will make the transformers very hot and they will age faster. Or they might mix core materials together to appear as high quality cores. One can only know if they dismantle the cores – which one rarely does until it is sent for repair. Who loses? You, the consumer! Ethical manufacturers are getting lesser and lesser as we speak. 

We usually add more laminations (oversize the core) to ensure it will not work at a high temperature. Such transformers will have better power delivery as well. That’s our quality promise! Think, observe, listen, compare, read and research before you purchase your next transformer. This will save you a lot of money and headache in the long run. 

Our transformers do not rattle, do not get very hot and can be used for long duration. It is very efficient and therefore saves on your energy bill! 

Using plastic film as inter-winding insulation – no! It saves a lot of cost and is very easy to make. We do not use plastic films. We use the correct insulation material (Kraft paper for some) for inter-winding insulation for utmost safety.

We have 2 master level guru winders at your service.  Our master winders are having over 30-40 years of winding experience, being trained by the old school winders and evolved over the years with learning from various old transformer gurus and amplifier makers. They’re not those newbies that learn and experiment on the products they sell to you instead of selling you a mature product. Those are not products. Those are prototypes! I’ve had such experience with a local winder and paid a lot of tuition fees. Now those transformers are collecting dust in my storeroom because the quality is just too bad to be worth salvaging.

Their work quality is of the highest standard and of no compromise. Our respectable gurus are from the old school camp and you can trust them wholeheartedly. This is our guarantee! Although so, they’re at the brink of retirement and our offerings will not last very long. Once they retire, that’s it. 

Therefore, plan early and get the transformers built before it is too late - before both of them retire.

You are paying for the value – reliability, longevity and sound quality.  

Why use inferior transformers on your gears that will waste more energy and generate more heat? These all will convert into monthly savings and pay for the transformer cost adder or even the cost itself in the long run. The price is worth paying for all the benefits it brings. The Japanese Z11 core can be recycled too for future upgradability, if you decide to change the design or reuse it for another project due to the build quality that ensures the cores will not be damaged with years pass by.  

Purchasing transformers is not like buying other things. Transformers are all about safety. If you skimp on transformer quality, you are risking yourself of electrical shocks, fire, and damages caused by a burnt transformer, be it your precious and expensive NOS vacuum tubes, expensive capacitors or your hard work burn into ashes. Don’t got for cheapness and loose the big picture – the build quality and the sound quality of your amplifier. 

All J&K Audio Design transformers come with 1 year warranty under intended and normal usage where it is designed specifically for. 

If you have used and liked out transformers, please share or like our page! Thanks!

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